Wednesday, December 3, 2008

stretcher review

Still from taH pagh taHbe (To Be or Not to Be) (2006), Maria Antelman

I went to and was surprised to see reviews on shows that I had actually been to and seen. One of which was a review on We Interrupt Your Program from last Spring at the Mills Art Museum. The reviewer, Meredith Trumble, spoke on Maria Antelman's taH pagh taHbe, which was a particularly memorable piece for me. She also gave further insight into pieces that I hadn't spent much time with. Another review by Tucker Nichols was for the Lee Friedlander exhibit at the SFMOMA and video footage of commentary at the de Young by Gilbert and George amongst other local and the few international shows. I thought the reviews were thoughtful and intimate and only wished that the site had more current projects up.

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