Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kate Pzsotka

I went to Kate Pzsotka, who if I'm not mistaken, is a grad here at Mills. She uses many mediums including painting, sculpture, and ceramics to present her work. Some of her more interesting pieces we of cut up maps, or old report cards, or other random papers that she then weaved together. Some of the pieces were more three dimensional, while others lied flat. Much of her work seemed incomplete, or that she needed to push her ideas further, and I think she has the potential to do that, she just seemed unsure of where she wanted her work to go, but i think if she can figure that out she'll have a pretty interesting body of work. Some of her other work involved using crime reports or aerial maps to create a system of mapping out different points. Her goals were a little unclear, but her ideas have an interesting start, and it'd be nice to see where she goes with them in the future.

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