Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jason Hanasik

I went to Jason Hanasik's lunch lecture some weeks back, and was really interested in what he had to say about photographing your own family and presenting that as art. He said he struggled with what was appropriate and considerate of him to publish from photographs of his parents and his sister. Much like myself, he wonders if his family is aware of the way people may interpret his work by the way the subjects of the photograph are presented. He frequently works with presenting male subjects that challenge the standards for what is considered "normal" masculine representation. Which is why I was very interested in the image above, which features his father in a rather passive position, while his mother appears much more aggressive and assertive. In regards to my own work, he had mentioned a photograph that his father asked him to no longer show, and since then has never shown it, so I imagine I will continue to use the work of my own family until they ask me not too.

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