Sunday, December 7, 2008

I went to today, which is short for Open Door-Contemporary Art Projects. The curator describes her mission as having a site where everyone, even those outside the art community, can contribute ideas or artists who they think should be noticed. I really enjoyed the work that was shown, especially Osi Audu and his Bodies of Water. The featured pieces were filled bottles of water formed into bodily shapes like that of a mermaid. I found it odd, however, that it was not overly clear where and how you could contribute. There was a contact email, but I thought that it was odd that I really had to search to figure out how I could directly contribute. Also it didn't specify what was contributed to the site by her or by others. I did, however, particularly like the voices section where there where contributions by various authors discussing artist shows and exhibits as well as sustainability which is a focus of the site as well.

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