Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Laetitia Sonami

In my senior seminar class the artist Latitia Sonami came in to talk about her work.  Lantitia Sonami is a French performance and sound artist.  She spoke about and demonstrated her project which she class the "Lady's Glove".  It is a glove that is wired with sensors that are feed into a processor that creates sound when she touches and moves her hand.  The glove she describes as her instrument in which she conducts her music and performance.  The performance felt graceful, organic, and natural because she was using her won body to create this piece.

I also found it amazing that as an artists Sonami can stick with this project for many years slowly altering, refining, and improving it.  She explain that when she first constructed the glove that it was large and bulky but with the improvements in technology her glove has become for refined and smaller.  I can admire her dedication because I feel that in my own work i tend to skitter from one idea to another.

Overall it was a very interesting lecture/performance.

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